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The economic and social crisis in Europe has led to alarming rates of unemployment, especially for young people. Unemployment rates are particularly high in most EU countries while youth unemployment rates are generally much higher, even double compared with other age groups. In countries such as Greece, Italy and others, the youth unemployment rates are approaching or have exceeded 50% creating serious concern. The youth unemployment has profound effects on a personal and social level.

In this context, the ultimate goal of the project is to contribute to enhancing the employability of young people in Europe. To achieve the above goal, a number of objectives have been set:

 1) Creating a reflection on the high unemployment of young people and highlighting the importance of the problem.

2) Raising young people’s awareness on the issue of unemployment and empowering them to put pressure for further measures against youth unemployment and to promote the message.

3) Development of young people’s skills so that they can “present” themselves effectively in the labor market.

4) Informing young people of the benefits of non-formal learning and volunteering.

4) Facilitating the exchange of views between young people from different countries, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation.

More Aware

52 young participants aged 18 to 30 years and 13 Youth Leaders from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds with keen interest and concern for these issues and characterized by a strong need to further explore them will be the main exchange group and will contribute to its preparation, implementation, evaluation, communication and results’ dissemination. The activity will be implemented by three (3) youth workers from Greece. These young people will gather for eight days in the city of Athens and will participate in a series of activities concerning youth unemployment. They will be familiarized with intervention ways, they will conduct awareness activities, will get to know the future professions and will gain skills on effectively presenting themselves in a job interview, writing a CV and other related matters.

The project methodology is based on methods of non-formal learning, peer learning, active involvement of the participants and equal cooperation between the partners. All activities have an interactive character, promote experiential learning, require the active participation of young people and enhance their creativity.

Main results of the project will be youth information on the data related to unemployment, their awakening and mobilization for action, their empowerment and the development of skills useful in finding a job, the increase of their confidence and their readiness to take more informed decisions about educational and career paths.

In the long-term it is expected a growth in the opportunities that will be provided to young people to develop their skills, quantitative and qualitative increase of the initiatives aiming at increasing the employability of young people, further measures and the creation of more targeted policies, the active participation of the young people in lobbying activities and thereby the creation of more employment opportunities for young people.

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